Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MATS Bootcamp is back!!!

Hello lovelies!

It's been almost a year since Lilla's 1st Bootcamp in 2014 and I was so happy I was part of it cos it brought me nothing but good stuff-and I really mean good, it changed my life arround!

And at the begining of January this year MATS Bootcamp started again-of course I've signed up again! :)
Our very 1st assignment was Edwardian brooches, that is, diary inspired by Edwardian brooches.
I didn't have time to start on my sketches until the 2nd week of Bootcamp, and I was really trying to stay away from checking all the work others were posting, it was very hard but I think the good thing was that I was swamped with client work so I kept myself busy :) These were just some of my inspirations for my final piece:

I wanted my diary to be feminine, classy and sofhisticate. I have been doing my 'cute' stuff for far too long and one of the things I wanna explore and get in touch with in this Bootcamp is exactly that-my feminine side! I don't want people to just think I can do cute stuff I wanna dig deep and be able to deliver strong, feminine, delicate and sofhisticate art too!

Now I know this takes practice like anything else but I'm willing to learn, to explore, and to work hard but also to have fun on this journey!
Whether I was successful you can judge yourself. I'm very happy with my end result. For now, that is :) It could always be better...but like I said, the most important thing is that I've had fun creating this piece (after a day of headache and feeling non inspiration on the matter) LOL

I knew I only have 2-3 days to start and finish my diary cos a lot of client work was awaiting me and I was even a bit behind on things. So the piece I submitted was not exactly perfect. I knew I'm gonna want to revamp my work later when I had proper time. I still think it's not that bad but little details were bugging me-like the layout of my floral pattern. It was a bit off in some places...the lady wasn't quite finished. The colours were a bit too pale, I wanted to make them even more bright since my bckg was dark. The gems were just a tiny bit smaller that what I wanted and the details in general...LOL

So here's my piece I submitted:

©Antoana Oreski

And here's my re-designed diary :)

©Antoana Oreski

Sending you all hugs from afar!




  1. Gorgeous work Antoana!! I'm loving all of your work these days..I don't know how you do it! Beautiful journal cover! Thank you so much for visiting my dusty ol' very sweet of you! And I'm glad you like the Alice's so funny, it started out as a pencil to watercolor paper "just go for it" kind of thing, and then I started painting it fun it was! I have found that I just have to "play" between work work or my mind gets sad, and I start feeling very uncreative. I hope you have a great June ahead and lots of great projects on your plate! :) Hugs!

    1. Aw, you are always so kind to me dear Shirley! Love your latest work as well...I'm so happy for your new adventures!!! xoxoxo


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