Sunday, 31 July 2011

My little new character- Enzo the frog :D

Well even though Enzo is still really my character in development or should I say work in progress, I wanted to share him with you. I have been playing arround and trying out some new techniques lately. I got fed up with my acrylics and have felt it's time to move on and follow my heart and have turned more to digital media. I'm still learning a lot and am still perfecting my style and all, but I do know what style and technique I'm going for in my, slowly but I'm getting there. I know I love playing arround with different textures and patterns and it's just a matter of combining the two plus my linework I'm currently working on. Still, why not show something I have created along the way? Hope you find Enzo adorable as I do, 'cos I really do like frogs and find them funny but adorable. I'm weird I know!!! :D

Antoana Oreški ©2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011's penguins!

The Guardian  just posted their fave penguin drawings on their site, including mine! Whoop, whoop  :D
Go check it out!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

TDAT Map of Labin!

Ahhh, I have been redoing my map for TDAT numerus times now, each time remembering that one extra detail which should be on the map. Then finally when I decided to send it, 'cos otherwise I knew I'll end up redoing it over and over again, I remembered I didn't put some of the most interesting stuff on my map. How typical of me! :( I blame it on the fact that when you live in a certain town you take things for granted 'cos you get to see them every day. Oh well, what's done is done...but just know, there are still so many cool things you can do or see in Labin-Rabac! :D
Hope you still like my map :)


Anroana Oreški ©2011

Thursday, 7 July 2011

How to draw a penguin :D

As a big fan of Oliver Jeffers I stumbled upon his latest month's tutorial which was published on the Guardian website, called- How to draw a penguin!
His ingenious step-by-step guide is done with much humor and fun and I must admitt I had super fun creating my penguin too! It was a great break from the 'serious' stuff and letting go and making my penguin do whatever I the 1st thing that crossed my mind was a skiing penguin, enjoying his time in a nice cold blizzard-as all penguins do, I'm sure :D lol
You can check out all penguin entries here
Forget the work and draw a penguin! :D

Antoana Oreški ©2011