Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A sneak peak of my next project :)

Sooo...after a long time finally finished my 1st out of many illustrations for my next project all under name 'The Prisoner of Time' inspired by parenthood! Yeah, long live the parents!!! :D I absolutely love my sweet daughter but a lot of times I cannot commit myself to my artwork the way I'd like to or when I'd like to. Back awhile I used to be so frustrated by that fact but then I decided that my daughter is only ONE in the whole wide world and everything else will just need to work around her for some time ( until she's like 18yrs and moves away to go to Uni ) :D.
So one day I was contemplating on this matter and was freshly inspired by the fact that we all are the prisoners of time, I mean we're bound by it, we cannot reverse it of fast-forward it. We live in a world which has minutes, hours, days, months and years ( you get the picture, I know :D ). So instead of being upset about something I cannot change, I decided I'll use it as an artistic inspiration -TIME!
Here's my inspirational quote from my good old Bible - ''To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:...'' Ecclesiastes 3
I think this is very calming truth and well, it had a great influence on me, very productive!
Se here's a sneak peak of my 1st out of many artworks based on TIME!
Really hope you enjoy it!

Antoana Bannana

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