Saturday, 5 October 2013

My venture into the world of patterns

For those of you who follow my work over on my FB page you know how I've been trying myself at patterns, a world unknown to me professionaly :D Yep, the last time I worked on patterns was while in Art school as part of our course, and I must say I never really enjoyed myself working on those back then. I was way more into- fashion drawing and similar lectures. I was always amazed when my prof. would say I nailed it, cos I never really 'understood' the purpose of those :D How strange, right?! :)

A month ago I bombarded my fb pal & amazing illustrator Celeste Gagnon Smale if she could try explain these to me (the process of making a set, how to do the overlaping...etc) And she was so awesome that she even did a small tutorial just for me! :D Thank you again C! ;) So I kinda gave myself a sense of direction by enrolling every competition over at Tigerprint...the 1st time I ever submitted any form of pattern was a black & white set for their competition. Needless to say I didn't make their top100 but I felt great just submitting A challenge every single month and stretching of my potential & ability. September's competition was 'shapes as pattern' and I submitted 4 patterns for this one, I really, really enjoyed myself working on these and was very inspired ( to be honest, when I read the brief the 1st time, I thought this one would be the most difficult). I really didn't expect anything this time either, cos I know I'm a novice in this field and I took this on to challenge myself as I said before. So when I went on my fb page in the evening I saw Tigerprint announced their top 100, so I went to check it out (as I always do, so I can see what they're into) and when I saw my pattern there I just couldn't believe it! I thought I was dreaming. :D Lol They must've announced it somewhere in the afternoon, I don't know, and I wouldn't have even checked hadn't it poped on my wall...Lol I am really happy to see my work is paying off and I'm going in the right direction, cos to be on their fave 100 list amongst over 1000 entries, and from my 2nd try at patterns....woweee, it's above my expectations. I'm like a kid, I rejoice over small things :D

So, you'll see plenty more of my pattern work as I venture into this new world.

See you all soon & thank you all so much for your support and kind comments here and on my fb page!

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