Tuesday, 23 June 2015

MATS Bootcamp recap!


It's been ages (as usual) from my last post :) It's always so challenging for me to juggle with client work, courses, motherhood, exercising and a whole other bunch of things! It's all in balance & making priorities :)

But, what I wanted to share here with you today is the recap of my Bootcamp year in 2015!
It's been another great artistic year with Lilla's assignments. I always tend to look at those as my Portfolio pieces 1st and foremost, cos they all end up on my site. I also always end up discovering my strenghts and weaknesses thru her courses...some areas I've improved a lot and some areas were new to me this yr but I handled them better than some we've repeated. I guess we each have areas in which we are more relaxed and more, well, 'ourselves' ! :D

So, this is how my Bootcamp year started:

Our 1st Bootcamp assignment this year-Journal
So our 1st assignment this year in Bootcamp started off with creating an illo for a Journal and our inspiration was 'Edwardian brooches'. This was my version. I went for the feminine central character wearing typical Edwardian hair ornament. She herself was a brooch or a placement within a brooch :) And I went with the dark velvety bckg so my diamonds could really pop from it. I loved this assignment and I think I did quite well.

Our next assignment was:

2nd Bootcamp assignment- wood art

Wood art! We were prompted to actualy paint on real wood...and since I couldn't get a hold of a wooden slice for this assignment, I got myself an actual log :D So this here is gouache on wood. I did an entire new illo for my online portfoilo inspired by this piece here that I love dearly, so I was mega happy with this assignment's outcome!


3rd Bootcamp assignment-Poster art

It was a real assignment for 'Global Art Gathering' which was held in Brighton, UK this month (June). Mine didn't get picked but I really was happy with the outcome of my poster. I invested a LOT in lettering making sure it relates well with the topic. I love clean design and love using shapes in my lettering like in 'GLOBAL' for an instance the 'O' is actualy the globe (stylized) and then the 'A' is a person, in this case Lilla :) I wouldn't call my Poster design unsuccessful just cos it didn't get selected as winner-the work from everyone was extremely awesome!

May assignment:
4th Bootcamp assignment-Homeware

My most favourite assignment of all-homeware! And our inspiration were crustaceans and colourful patterns! I love Interior Design, Homeware, Furniture Design etc. Loved it since I was little! It fascinates me and I love how things have more than just a decorative purpose, they are functional! It might be cos of my enthusiasm over Homeware or I don't know what else, but I really felt a surreal atmosphere while working on it-as if I'm doing this forever. So natural. Needless to say I ADORED this assignment. Loved working on my pattern and the plate designs!

And finally:
5th Bootcamp assignment-Editorial

Editorial based on an article on how to succeed at being a digital nomad. I've never heard of this calling before but when I read the article I wished I could be one :) My dream was always to live on some tropical Island and work remotely from there...surf the waves in between jobs :) I loved creating my person, I loved drawing the scene but I dreaded the composition!!! I dread editorial in general. I just don't feel at ease at all....haven't a clue why! I have no idea if this illo of mine is successful at all, but at least I know I'm comfortable drawing people, to me that's a great plus!

And with this I'm wrapping up this MATS Bootcamp 2015! It's been a great year, filled with great assignments, new awesome friendships, and some cool new jobs in between :) Now I'm turning to my new adventure and hopefully I'll have more great news in my new post :) 

Hugs from me from a very windy place today! :)




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