Friday, 21 February 2014

Cuckooland :)

Yep, and this concludes our February assignment of Cuckoo clock covers for cell phone! I have had so much fun I think I might explode with joy on the inside :) Lol I'm a type of person who works well under guidance, I love guidance and I love learning new things. I can focus on the important things and not loose my focus on silly things, it's great to be under such awesome teacher such as Lilla Rogers! There's something in the way she preps you for the assignment and delivers each new step for you, not to mention her tips are of great value, I'm sure all at Bootcamp would agree with me! I have designed 2 covers in the end...1st one was the minty one below and then on the 2nd week I just had such inspiration I had to do the other cover I had in my my crazy chicken space cuckoo was created as well :)

And then I was playing arround with bckg colours from Lilla's palette and these were done: 

I had such dillema which one to choose to submit to the Gallery...we're able to upload only one per month. Thanks to some of my buddies (Celeste) and my sister who made this task even more harder for me (lol-thanks sis-love you) hahaha I finally chose my fave...I was thinking 'which one would I love to carry arround as a cover?' so the choice fell down to: 

Antoana Oreski ©2014 MATS
Viola! My final presentation of the cell phone cover! I think I might upload it to Society 6 store along with all the other if you're interested in getting one for yourself be sure to visit me at my shop- Antoana Oreski Illustration!


Ant xoxo

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cuckoo clocks at Bootcamp! :)

As I've promised, an update on Lilla Rogers' bootcamp :) The 1st week has come and gone and we got our 1st mini-cockoo clocks! I was delighted by our 1st mini assignment cos I NEVER ever drew a cuckoo clock before-funny right?! But it's true :) And I decided to give my wacom some time off, at least when sketching/exploring, so I did a lot of pencil/pen/guache thumbs. Anyhoo...the atmosphere is awesome, I love seeing everyone's sketches, drawings, finished works...there's such a variety of styles and techniques. I love it! Everyone is so kind and supportive and just inspirational! This is gonna be an amazing voyage! So here are some of my doodles and details and I decided to turn one of my sketches into a coloured one in the end, cos I wanted to give myself a chance to experiment with different texures/colour palletes. It's all about HAVING FUN as Lilla says, so I did. And in the future I hope I loosen up even more and learn to have even more fun.

xxx Ant