Sunday, 23 March 2014

TDAC'S Glad Party!

This month I was also working on my submission for TDAC's Glad party and I enjoyed working on the recipes! I had some great help from our local chef Jasna who is the head chef over at Velo Caffe restaurant and she does some mean stuff overthere! :) So thank you Jasna once again, you rock! :) Here's my work:
Antoana Oreški ©2014

xoxox Ant

Our jolly March of Jelly at Bootcamp!

So here comes March and with it our new assignment from Lilla-Jelly!
What?! Yes, I was surprised to say the least and I thought to myself- 'Why?!' But we got the mini and I decided to embrace it and see what I can come up with, surely I would think of something! Then I and my girls got very ill so that didn't help my creative process, cos I had none at that point! I haven't been ill like that for 15yrs and now I could not get out of was awful! On top of everything I had 2 munchkins I had to take care of and for 2 weeks it felf like I have a mini pharmacy at home :) Well I managed to create some sketches and after my antibiotics kicked in I finally felt like I was on a roll...until we got the main assignment-bolt fabric! I had a feeling it might be bolt fabric but bolt fabric & jelly?! And all I had so far were cute & funny characters, so I worried they wouldn't fit the assignment but thankfully my fellow bootcampers helped me see a variety of placements for it...a bib, or a kids apron...etc. I felt relieved and I was on a roll again :)

So to cut it short this was my initial work:

Antoana Oreški ©2014

As you can see I used some bright colours and I still like them, but when we got our colour palette and tip on our 3rd Mon. from Lilla I decided to try it out and give the 'nugat' a go :) I tried it and then I ended up mixing some of her colours with some of mine and this was a result:

Antoana Oreški ©2014
I didn't have time to do a proper pattern so I just placed my icons arround and since we'll have April off I will work on it and on some more coordinate patterns too. The gallery will go live on the 25th March and I'll post the link then. Until then this is the final presentation for my March Jelly pattern :)

Antoana Oreški ©2014
My ninja strawberry says hello! :)

xoxox Ant

Friday, 21 February 2014

Cuckooland :)

Yep, and this concludes our February assignment of Cuckoo clock covers for cell phone! I have had so much fun I think I might explode with joy on the inside :) Lol I'm a type of person who works well under guidance, I love guidance and I love learning new things. I can focus on the important things and not loose my focus on silly things, it's great to be under such awesome teacher such as Lilla Rogers! There's something in the way she preps you for the assignment and delivers each new step for you, not to mention her tips are of great value, I'm sure all at Bootcamp would agree with me! I have designed 2 covers in the end...1st one was the minty one below and then on the 2nd week I just had such inspiration I had to do the other cover I had in my my crazy chicken space cuckoo was created as well :)

And then I was playing arround with bckg colours from Lilla's palette and these were done: 

I had such dillema which one to choose to submit to the Gallery...we're able to upload only one per month. Thanks to some of my buddies (Celeste) and my sister who made this task even more harder for me (lol-thanks sis-love you) hahaha I finally chose my fave...I was thinking 'which one would I love to carry arround as a cover?' so the choice fell down to: 

Antoana Oreski ©2014 MATS
Viola! My final presentation of the cell phone cover! I think I might upload it to Society 6 store along with all the other if you're interested in getting one for yourself be sure to visit me at my shop- Antoana Oreski Illustration!


Ant xoxo

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cuckoo clocks at Bootcamp! :)

As I've promised, an update on Lilla Rogers' bootcamp :) The 1st week has come and gone and we got our 1st mini-cockoo clocks! I was delighted by our 1st mini assignment cos I NEVER ever drew a cuckoo clock before-funny right?! But it's true :) And I decided to give my wacom some time off, at least when sketching/exploring, so I did a lot of pencil/pen/guache thumbs. Anyhoo...the atmosphere is awesome, I love seeing everyone's sketches, drawings, finished works...there's such a variety of styles and techniques. I love it! Everyone is so kind and supportive and just inspirational! This is gonna be an amazing voyage! So here are some of my doodles and details and I decided to turn one of my sketches into a coloured one in the end, cos I wanted to give myself a chance to experiment with different texures/colour palletes. It's all about HAVING FUN as Lilla says, so I did. And in the future I hope I loosen up even more and learn to have even more fun.

xxx Ant

Thursday, 30 January 2014

I just enrolled Lilla Rogers' Assignment Bootcamp! :)

So happy and so excited...will all keep you posted with all of my work and progress so stay tuned!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

My venture into the world of patterns

For those of you who follow my work over on my FB page you know how I've been trying myself at patterns, a world unknown to me professionaly :D Yep, the last time I worked on patterns was while in Art school as part of our course, and I must say I never really enjoyed myself working on those back then. I was way more into- fashion drawing and similar lectures. I was always amazed when my prof. would say I nailed it, cos I never really 'understood' the purpose of those :D How strange, right?! :)

A month ago I bombarded my fb pal & amazing illustrator Celeste Gagnon Smale if she could try explain these to me (the process of making a set, how to do the overlaping...etc) And she was so awesome that she even did a small tutorial just for me! :D Thank you again C! ;) So I kinda gave myself a sense of direction by enrolling every competition over at Tigerprint...the 1st time I ever submitted any form of pattern was a black & white set for their competition. Needless to say I didn't make their top100 but I felt great just submitting A challenge every single month and stretching of my potential & ability. September's competition was 'shapes as pattern' and I submitted 4 patterns for this one, I really, really enjoyed myself working on these and was very inspired ( to be honest, when I read the brief the 1st time, I thought this one would be the most difficult). I really didn't expect anything this time either, cos I know I'm a novice in this field and I took this on to challenge myself as I said before. So when I went on my fb page in the evening I saw Tigerprint announced their top 100, so I went to check it out (as I always do, so I can see what they're into) and when I saw my pattern there I just couldn't believe it! I thought I was dreaming. :D Lol They must've announced it somewhere in the afternoon, I don't know, and I wouldn't have even checked hadn't it poped on my wall...Lol I am really happy to see my work is paying off and I'm going in the right direction, cos to be on their fave 100 list amongst over 1000 entries, and from my 2nd try at patterns....woweee, it's above my expectations. I'm like a kid, I rejoice over small things :D

So, you'll see plenty more of my pattern work as I venture into this new world.

See you all soon & thank you all so much for your support and kind comments here and on my fb page!

Antoana Oreški ©2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A long overdue Hello! :)

Well, hello, hello :)

It's been ages since my last post here, I feel almost like a stranger on my own blog :) Lol
So much has happened since my last illustrations for Profil International were all finished in time and delivered to the publisher. I was so happy to know all the editors working on this project were more than happy with my work. Then on the 9th April I finally held my baby girl in my arms-Lora! She was just beautiful and healthy and I fell in love with her immediately :) She's now a fast growing 2m old baby and doing really great, a great sleeper/eater and a very happy smiley baby as you can see :)

As I got home from the hospital with Lora a few days after I managed to go check my emails and all, I found  another job offer from yet another Croatian Publisher. So after my maternity leave there will be plenty of work as I can already see-very exciting!
Meanwhile my eldest finished her 1st kindergarten year and had such an amazing year of making new friends. learning and adapting.So proud of her! And as the summer finally arrived here (as we had the worst weather in Cro as I can remember) we are ready for the beach & the sea and to enjoy these summer hols!

And to sum this post 1st finished piece I managed to draw & paint after giving birth...and I really enjoyed working on it!
Wishing you all a great summer-have fun!!!!!



Antoana Oreski ©2013