Thursday, 21 July 2011

TDAT Map of Labin!

Ahhh, I have been redoing my map for TDAT numerus times now, each time remembering that one extra detail which should be on the map. Then finally when I decided to send it, 'cos otherwise I knew I'll end up redoing it over and over again, I remembered I didn't put some of the most interesting stuff on my map. How typical of me! :( I blame it on the fact that when you live in a certain town you take things for granted 'cos you get to see them every day. Oh well, what's done is done...but just know, there are still so many cool things you can do or see in Labin-Rabac! :D
Hope you still like my map :)


Anroana Oreški ©2011


  1. Very nice and cute map that you have created! Wonderful job!!!!!! Happy creating art! By they way, can you tell me more about "myfreecopyright"registred and protected that is on your right hand side of your blog? Thank you !!

  2. Thank you Ni! I have first encountered the Myfreecopyright sign on one of the illustrators blog and decided to go check it out. Basically when you upload your work there (it coud be art, music files, or even this blog for ex)you get the unique digital fingerprint they call it, so you can prove this is your original work and no one elses. You can pass it on to clients also for ex. where they can hit in the verification No. and check if that's really ur work. I never had to do it, so I hope in reality it does work and hopefully ur illustrations do get more protection. Hope this helped. :) And thank you for ur kind visit to my blog!

  3. Thank you so much for your information,Antoana!!!! Having protection for your own creations is so important. I will check Myfreecopyright for sure. Thank you again for your time!! I Your daughter-Noalinn-is so cute!!!! You must get lots of inspiration from her daily. I will come and visit your blog often!!!Happy creating art!

  4. WOW, lovely map, completely detailed and beautifully illustrated!


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