Sunday, 31 July 2011

My little new character- Enzo the frog :D

Well even though Enzo is still really my character in development or should I say work in progress, I wanted to share him with you. I have been playing arround and trying out some new techniques lately. I got fed up with my acrylics and have felt it's time to move on and follow my heart and have turned more to digital media. I'm still learning a lot and am still perfecting my style and all, but I do know what style and technique I'm going for in my, slowly but I'm getting there. I know I love playing arround with different textures and patterns and it's just a matter of combining the two plus my linework I'm currently working on. Still, why not show something I have created along the way? Hope you find Enzo adorable as I do, 'cos I really do like frogs and find them funny but adorable. I'm weird I know!!! :D

Antoana Oreški ©2011


  1. Enzo is so cute!!!! I am so glad that you are trying to use new techniques! We all have the moment when we feel that it is time to move on with new techniques! I am learning as I go as I am a self-taught artist. I really enjoy visiting your blog!! Keep up the wonderful work! I am looking forward to seeing more of Enzo!!!! ^___^ Thank you for your massage on my blog! I deeply appreciate it!

  2. Thank you Ni, really, your words are always kind and soothing :D Have just popped over at your blog and left you a comment...have a great week ahead!!! :D

  3. I love it. It's very whimsical and charming. Beautiful and fun work.


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