Sunday, 27 July 2014

MATS Bootcamp summerized!

So our fabulous course came to an's been crazy 5 months of emotional rollercoaster but I've enjoyed the ride like nothing before! It's good to get balance in our lives too and to break the restrictions of our limited perspective on things, that being said, I've really just soaked the whole thing in. There were days when I thought 'what am I doing here' and it would usually happen after everyone would start posting their gorgeous work in our group, but it wouldn't last for long and as the time passed by I've really learned to enjoy my art as well as art from the others...and then one day I've just decided to let go and have fun-something Lilla's been trying to teach us from day 1. And you know what? It really does work...cos when you have fun you create your best pieces and others notice too so while you watch all the incredible art flowing in from others you learn to relish in their art but also still loving your own and be comfortable in your own skin.

The most precious thing I've learned in Bootcamp is the importance of 'doodlin', drawing, sketching in my lost forgotten sketchbook...I've taken things way too far with digital, and there's nothing bad in being digital but doing stuff freehand in your sketchbook 1st is something I would recommend to everyone. It's liberating, therapeutic and it raises your drawing skills to a higher gain so much in return. The pleasure of creating something with your own hand and the smell of paper is really something I've missed, and also by doing Lilla's mini assignments you really do stay open to a variety of ideas rushing into your head while you're drawing. It gets your creative juices going and you do create better art. I will never do things the same in my work :)

Of course there are a lot of other things that brought good stuff to me, and some precious nuggets of wisdom Lilla passed down to us, but the main part really is to HAVE FUN! 
It was an incredible journey I would gladely repeat again, so in light of those words I've signed up for Lilla's GTS (Global Talent Search) :) I am very aware it's something of a looong shot for me, but I wanna get the momentum going and just being the part of that buzz gets my juices going :) You can check out here all the goodie prizes awaiting the GTS winner, aren't they AMAZING?! It's beyond amazing, I know!

Now going back to our last July assignment...we were told to create art we would love to hang on our wall or give to a dear friend as a present...basically it was all about making art for ourselves and our soul as I would say, so we were asked not to post any of our work and progress in the group to stay true to ourselves so to speak. And I really loved that! I was more focused and I found it easier to just make art for myself...I was so inspired I was done in 4 days with it...usually it would take me 3 weeks :) lol And don't get me wrong, I loved seeing all the work in the group from the others on regular basis but it was really great to have the last month for myself creating what I really loved and not be worried if anyone else is gonna like it. And the unveiling of the gallery was super sweet and special too, cos it was the feast for the eyes to see art from others I haven't seen before! And what amazing job everyone did...I found that a lot of my fellow bootcampers did better job in this last assignment than in all the previous, but that's just my opinion :) You can check all the gorgeous work from my classmates here!
Here's my work for the last month below:

Antoana Oreški ©2014
I truly am coffee kind of girl all the way! :) lol I had several sketches going on and ultimately went with this simple but down to the point one. After I finished it I got the funny idea to turn this into a 'family portrait collection' :) Cos my hubby is a coffee freak too so I've made one of him too:

Antoana Oreški ©2014

I liked this outcome so I'm currently brainstorming ideas for my kids too...I have a few ideas already so working on how to execute those now...will post updates here so you can see.

And voila, this would be all from me for now. Looking forward to GTS, working on some gouache drawings at the moment...I got drawn by the blueish palette so I'm experimenting with that now too. Will post updates on those too.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

xoxo Ant

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