Monday, 22 October 2012

Epicase competition results! :)

I have received such uplifting and amazing news today. I have entered a competition by Epicase a couple of months back with one of my illo's, after my dear friend Ni suggested I should try and enter. Today I got an email saying that amongst 1,214 works from all over the world mine entered the top 10-WOW!!!! :) Woooooohooooooooo! Can you tell how excited I am?! So the facebook fan poll starts today and I will shamefully ask for all of you my dear friends to help me out and vote for my illustration on their fan poll wall. The voting starts from 5pm and will last for a couple of days I think, till the 28th. Multiple choices are allowed as well. I'm not sure yet how many times you get to vote, I asked them this question so will let you know. 

I would love to at least enter the top 5 since my work would enter their collection then and would sell in their stores! :) Pls don't forget to pop over to their fb page HERE and vote!!!!

Thank you all and wish me good luck! :)




  1. Congratulation!!!!!!!! I am truly happy for you,my dearest friend!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome, awesome work, Antoana! Congratulations!! Your work is so deserving of all of the accolades.


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