Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hello all my wonderful friends and bloggers!

I'm so happy to announce that my Hansel & Gretel illustration came 3rd in the 3rd Epicase Competition! My heartfelt congrats to the winner from Russia, indeed an amazing and complicated work-well done! I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping to win (I believe we all did who entered top 10) which is natural and good, but I'm not dissapointed at all. Very, very happy 'cos my illustration has now become a part of their retail art collection and you'll be able to purchase their products with my illo on it! How awesome and cool is that?! :)
When I reflect on how I've entered and expected really nothing out of it, and then to enter top 10 out of 1,214 works from all over the world, and now my work came 3rd-yeyieeee!!! Is all I can say and shout :)
Thank you all again for your precious votes and cheereing me on-truly means the world to me!

I'm sending you all warm hugs and kisses!



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