Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year new projects :)

Hello everybody and Happy belated New Year!

First I hope you all had very lovely and blessed holidays, especially Christmas. It is my most favourite and important day of the year as being a christian, since God is God of families I love this day when all of my family comes together to celebrate Christ and to simply enjoy eachothers company and share the laughs :)

We each bring something we made and this year I brought some Sarma (minced meat and rice rolled in cabbage leaf) and I made 2 different cakes- the pear cake with wild fruit sauce and almond/vanilla biscuits (with the help of my liitle elf-Noalinn, my precious 3yr old :)) Yummmm yummmm, I tell ya :)

Just 2 days before Christmas I received a really cool job offer from American Greetings to do a St. Valentine's Ecard...never done Ecards before but I love new projects and challenges and so I embarked on the new voyage and I LOVED it!!! It was a really cool new experince and I must say the AG directors are a lovely bunch, with lot's of understanding and patience :) It's so different to think in the lines of making the Ecard vs. regular painting of illustrations, but since I got accustomed to seperate things in loads of layers (it's how I have to do all my enigmatic illustrations too) it didn't take me that long to start making the mental notes of painting everything on a fresh new layer and making order within different folders.

Also a big THANK YOU to Nate and Salli from They Draw and Cook for featuring my little green furry monster Grinch in their Jumbothrone. It's thanks to their lovely site that I got that contract thru. So, thank you guys! :)

So the Ecard is finished and the animation team is working on it now, hopefully I'll be able to share the end result with all of you when it's all done, and I'm moving onwards with some new projects that came thru yesterday and today, but more about those in the next post :)

Here's just a tiny preview of my work for the Ecard, can't see much but all I can show you for now.

Antoana Oreški ©2012

And lastly, I'm wishing you all a very productive year ahead and may it be best yet to come!

All my love,

Ant xoxo


  1. Ant! I can't wait to see your e-card designs!!!! So glad that you had a great time working with AG. It will be great to see your arts everywhere!!!!! I am extremely happy for you,and you deserve it! 2012 will be a great year to you,Ant! ^_____________^ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooo

  2. WOOOOOOWWWEEEEEE!! Antoana..that is AWESOME! I'm thrilled for you. As a former AG employee, I can attest to the fact that there are some fantastic people who work for the company. YAY for Nate & Salli..they are THE BEST! I can't wait to see the e-card..the little spot you show here is gorgeous. I'm wishing you a most wonderful 2012 looks like it's off to a fantastic start! All the best to you and your little one! : )


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