Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Header and 'logo' :)

As you've probably noticed I have finally changed my Blog header, so yeyieee! :))
I have enjoyed indeed in the whole process of making my dragonfly girl and somewhat my logo character. I still have plenty of work making my real logo design and it's next on my list but I 1st wanted to finish this. So here it is with some blown up details...
Cheers xoxo

Antoana Oreški ©2012

Antoana Oreški ©2012


  1. Love,love,love it!!!! You know that your dragonfly girl will fly high,and bring smile to all your fans out there---I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!! Happy creating art,Ant!

  2. I LOVE the new header!!! Absolutely gorgeous hair!!


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