Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sunday editorial sheets-'In the store' & 'Switched couples'

Soooo...I have included both illustrations this time so all you guys could have fun and play maybe while having a'll do you good...come on!!! :D
So the top illustrations are from 'In the store' sheets and your job is to find 10 things which my little school boy bought with the money he got for his B'day! And the 2 illustrations below are from 'Switched couples' sheet and your job is to find 10 items which switched their places. Ready, steady......GO!!!!Go and have fun!!!

Antoana Oreški ©2011


  1. I just can't wait to show my trouble makers these cute designs!!! Yes, we can-we can find the 10 items!!!!! Ha...Ha.... ^______^

  2. Ant! My trouble makers LOVE LOVE your editorial sheets!!! They had so much fun trying to find the 10 items that switched their places. There were screaming when they found one,and laughing when they made the mistake. Love love your fun sheets!!! It will be SAD that you will finish this project soon! ^___________^ Bravo from me and my trouble makers!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh no, you got me wrong...this is my on going thing I do for the Kid's enigmatic papers and its being published every Sunday...I'm one of their these are my October sheets...Now I'm free to do my stuff until November when I'll have to submit another set of illustrations for that month. These 'in the store' and 'switched couples' sheets are actually a brand new addition to their papers they've asked me to do, so you're gonna get to see more of them :D
    Ps-did you receive all of these in your E-mail? Cos I've sent them for your troublemakers I think 3 days ago?


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