Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Magic is real! :D

So there was an illo I did, not too long ago in mixed media (guache & acrylics on paper) I desired to completely redo it know playing & learning, learning & playing at the same time. I must admit I sure gave myself some work to do...there was so many elements I had to redo and do them individualy (as you've probably noticed there are oh...well...just arround 50 dragonflies here with their wings done with different patterns) Lol! :D But I loved every step of it! At the end I even gave myself some extra room to play with some here are 2 versions I picked out. The 1st one is the original & the second is an alternative after my playing with actions :D
Hope you like it! Have a very productive rest of the week everyone! :D

Antoana Oreški ©2011

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  1. OMG..........I am SO IN LOVE with these two illustrations of yours! I just can't stop looking at them! You are so good!!! I love the composition,color, and how all the dragonflies surrounding the girl with the wave shape! You did a great job composed this pieces. I have to say that I love both of them as they are slightly different feeling after you redid the second one. It is indeed a magic!!! I want to see more!!!!!!!! I have to share these lovely illustrations with all my friends!!!!!! ^___^ Amazing job,Ant!!!!


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