Sunday, 14 August 2011

Editorial-Jalene & her animal kingdom :D

This is actually an Illo I did for my sweet friend Jalene from Florida. I used is as an editorial for Kid's pages I illustrate every Sunday. Hope you like it as she does :D
xoxox Ant

Antoana Oreški ©2011


  1. You have inspired me to do lots of black and white creations lately. I love your patterns with all the cute animals around the little girl. It is indeed the best choice for your dear friend,and kid's illustration page that you have been doing every Sunday! I have showed your art works to my dear friends,and their daughters. They just adore your art works,and the kids want to color your illustrations. Everyone's first impression is "Wow...How cute!/How adorable!",and they all have the biggest smile on their faces. You have done the wonderful job creating your arts,my dear! Like you said that "your talent is a gift that God gave you,so no one can ever take that away from you." Your common on my latest post make me want to cry! I have the same feeling and belief for a long time,but I was not very hard working back then as I am right now. Also, Low self-esteem is always my biggest problem. However, I just decided that I want to "do something about my talent,and stop making all the excuses of not doing anything about it". That is why I challenge myself on my blog. Here I am-believing in myself,and having so much fun creating my arts. So far, I have learned to appreciate my talent, and work hard to step by step reaching my dream. After all, You are so right about "Our dreams and talents are ours,and no one can take away"!
    Ant, I am truly grateful for having you in my life as a dear art friend! Your support really help me getting stronger each day! Let's work hard,and reach our dream!!! ^_____^

  2. Dear Ni!
    You have touched my heart dearly with these words here. The smile and a comment from a child is the greatest gift one can get back in return. I would like to bless you and your kids and your friend's kids by mailing you all of my B/W illustrations for you to print them out and colour them! Could you give me your e-mail add. please so I could do that?!
    Thank you for always being so honest and sweet and kind to me and my illustrations!

  3. Oh, Antoana! This is a fabulous illustration! It's adorable and it shows a lot of compassion and love. Great work!!

    And how wonderful your recent post is re: how you're spending your looks amazing there in the Adriatic! Thank you so much for your lovely are fantastic!


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