Tuesday, 19 February 2013

1st post in 2013 :)

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to do a proper post earlier but most of you who follow my work on FB already know the reasons. I hope you all had a very lovely time with your families & friends for Christmas and New Year and that you all had a good start of the year!

I have had such a busy time for these hols working on 2 illustrations for postcards for American Greetings Interactive and then just as I was finished with those I was contacted by a Croatian Publishing house called Profil International to work with them on a project called Eduitainment, an educational book with multiple tasks for kids age 6-7yrs in Croatian language. After some negotiations I've decided to be a part of the project and the adventure began. However, I was on a rather tight deadline (30days) and had to do 19 full page/colour illustrations, 7 half page/colour illustrations, 2 b/w full page illo's, 1 connect the dots & find the animal illo and 7 full pages of 8 or more 5x5cm vignettas, some in colour & some b/w...

I must say I enjoyed working on this project very much, and the whole team was awesome and full of understanding. But towards the end I was feeling very exhausted and tired working 13hrs a day, cos my belly was expanding at the same time, my little munchkin growing inside-as you already know I'm pregnant and expecting very soon :) But I've managed to finish everything in time and all the team including the head directors were very happy with my work. So pleased that I was instantly offered another project, another educational book but this time it's a mandatory book for school-for 1st graders issued by our government. I had to decline the offer cos I no longer can work since my maternity leave starts this following Tue. but they asked to contact them after my maternity leave cos they'll have many more projects and they would really want me to work with them again :) So that made me very, very happy and pleased :)

Soo...looking back at this 2012 and how it began (working with American Greetings Interactive) and then entering Epicase competition randomly(a friend notified me of the competition) and winning 3rd place amongst thousands of entrants from all over the world only to finish the year by signing with a new client( Profil Publishing house) is more than I could've hoped or dream of! I'm feeling very blessed and thankful and I really hope this 2013 brings us all new projects and clients and above all it brings us joy and excitement about the future, rather than anxiety and worries.

I'm looking forward to being officially published this year and to be a Mom for the 2nd time :) I will try and post here and on my Fb page as often as I can but foremost I'm gonna enjoy being mommy to my 2 gorgeous girls :)

For the end, here's a little preview of one of the illustrations I did for Profil International you haven't seen yet.


Antoana Oreški 2013 ©Profil International


  1. I really like your works. I am a volunteer with the Polish . I now live in Buje and work in kindergarten (www.lateksowachorwacja.blogspot.com) I came in your blog when I looking information about Labin. When I saw your map I really wanting to go there. I recommend you to a web page: www.polskailustracjadladzieci.pl :)
    P.S. Congratulations on Your pregnancy.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my work and your visits to my blog! I really appreciate it. I've checked up the link you've provided and it's great, filled with amazing illustrators from all over the world...some I known about but lot's I haven't had a chance to see their works, so thank you! I hope you're having a great time in Buje working in kindergarten and you like Croatia (esp. Istra) so far :) Sending you warm hugs xox Ant

    2. Yes, yes I like Croatia. Istria is very beautiful and the people are very nice. You have very good food here ... I like my job in the kindergarten. In Buje in the kindergarten is really good work organization. :)

  2. Very nice fat dragon. I'm not certain those wings will do much. Great colors and design.

    1. Lol :) I'm sure in a land of magic they'd suffice but this illo was for educational book whereas the emphasis was on his fat belly so the publisher could add written assignments inside it.The colours had to be very pale as well, this is not my usual colour palette but thank you :) Cheers!


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