Monday, 14 May 2012

Poster for 10.Hand Made Fest in Pula, Cro

Hiya guys!

I have been neglecting my blog for far too long...but that only means I'm busy, busy :)
Well finished one thing and straight on to the other...but I'm happy when I'm having loads of work and having great fun along. So there is a competition going on here on designing a poster and later all that follows (banners, flyers...etc) for our biggest Hand Made Festival which is growing bigger and bigger every year and is now nationally well reckognized as one of the most imaginative & creative one. I have decided to participate this year and the call was for all types of artists to participate and create something unique for this year. Well this is my entry!It's an octopus who herself is handmade but she's also a great help while she's being made-multifunctional :))
In my opinion creations should fulfill not the decorative part alone but the functional one as well...and there are so many creative ideas and creations out there I thought I should make a virtual one too :)) What better that an octopus who is multitasking with her super 8 tentacles! Lol

I have to run with my other errands but I really hope you enjoy my poster ilustration :)


Antoana Oreški ©2012


  1. Oh, octopus, my favourite animal :-) It's a beautiful poster!!

  2. LOVE the colours, and the texture, great job!

  3. Thanks you glad you like it. Fingers crossed they like it also :)

  4. It's brilliant Antoana, agree with above love the colours and texture!

  5. I love the poster! And I believe this Hand Made Fest will be really successful because I can see that handmade scene in Croatia is becoming bigger and bigger. There are lots of fairs around the year and few online shops for handmade products and even a magazine for handmade culture. Great thing are happening in Croatia!!! love from Qatar, Dominika

  6. It is a really wonderful design,Ant!! So happy that you worked hard,and came up with this rather unique poster design. Your texture on the octopus is amazing,and the colors are well blended. ^_____________^ Bravo to you!

  7. Thank you Rachel, Dominika & Ni! Your comments made my day :) xox

  8. This is GREAT!!!!!!! How creative and well designed. you are spectacular!

    1. Ah, you brought a smile on my face today. Thank you so much Salli! I'm so delighted you like my little octopus poster! xox

  9. makes me think of an old song Octopus's Garden - The Beatles :D


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