Friday, 3 February 2012

Look what I got thru 2day! :)

Oh today was a 'surprise' day for me as I received a SUPER SWEET parcel from one and only Mark Chambers!!!Mark thank you bunches! I won his book when he had the FB draw just before Christmas and when I received it today I could not believe how nice the parcel was packed and filled with so many gogeous and sweet things...awww :)
Now when I opened the parcel I was surprised to see not one but 2 books illustrated by Mark and signed too!!!And he put a candy stick and a sweet tin of AWESOME is that??!!

Now I'm off to read his books and interesting thing- when my daughter saw all the goodies inside the box she immediately reached for....Mark's book! Not the sweets but a book, oh she's my pride and joy :) She immediately fell in love with Mark's McDoogleMonster! :)
You should definately go and visit his FB page here!

Kisses from me xoxoxo


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, Antoana!! Your daughter has such good taste..oh how I just LOVE Mark's work!! Hoooray for you! Such wonderful books to enjoy with your sweet pride and joy. : )

  2. PS - I just LOVE your beautiful header...goodness, she's magical! : )

  3. Lots to make you smile there!

    HUGS Lorraine

  4. Thank you, thank you, Antoana for your very kind visit today - it means a lot!


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