Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunday editorial- 'In the store'

There it is - my 1st illo for Sunday Kid's pages featuring the brand new 'In the store' sheet...I must admitt it was challenging in a way, I really do try to spice it up a bit for them kids by swapping the items arround-in this case the muffins, cakes, biscuits etc. But I guess as in other things it will get easier and I'll get better at it with time and with each new illo :D Well, have fun and give it a try at finding out which 10 sweet items were purchased by my girl! :D


Antoana Oreški ©2011


  1. ^____^ Bravo!!!!!!!Oh, How fun,Ant!!! I asked my trouble makers to find the 10 items,and they were much better than me. Kids are amazing when it comes to "spy" or "find" things on the pictures or illustrations. You have done a great job for this project because my trouble makers love it!!!!!! Keep up the wonderful work,and I will see you around,my dear friend!!

  2. Oh cool Ni! Thank you and thank your trouble makers for giving me a good rating :D lol
    After all it is ment for kids to find them so yippie :D Apparently other love it too since I was asked to do more of those for the Sunday editorial so yippie indeed. See you my friend!!!

  3. Wonderful illustration, Antoana!! I'm really impressed with your work. The kids will just love very fun! Many, many thanks for your very kind are just wonderful!


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