Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bussiness card/flyer

So a dear friend of mine had intrusted me with the design for her bussiness card/flyer and I must admitt I had too much fun doing this one :D
1st of all, this was the 1st time I did such a design and 2nd of all, the 2 of us have such similar taste in everything it was like designing it for myself in a way! So today I was done with the front side and I have decided to show you a preview of it. She still needs to decide on the frame colour  from a batch of 4 different frame designs so this is the one I picked out.

Antoana Oreški ©2011


  1. This is so cute!!! Glad that you have fun designing this one!! ^___^ It is a very cute and unique style!!!!! ^____^


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